Why invest in colored diamond?

Appreciate / Long Term Growth

Investment Grade FCD’s are appreciating in value on average of 15-30% per annum

No asset holds value better.

Prices have been in a constant upward trend with no major corrections in over 40 years (since they have been tracked)

During the 2008 economic crash FCD’s outperformed almost every other asset class (PM’s, stocks, bonds, real estate etc.)
Prices have/will skyrocket during times of inflation

Diamond is not a speculative product of short or medium term, but real value likely to enhance over time, depending on supply and demand.

When countries are in recession (such as France ) , the investor seeks above all to preserve his property for a possible general stagnation. It tends to turn to the real tangible values, including real estate, gold, silver and diamonds, whose intrinsic quality is guaranteed .

In 2013, the Fondapol Foundation has shown that 9 % return on capital must be generated as to hope simply resist inflation and pay the IRS.
But a well-managed capital hardly worth more than 3%.
All capital held in France is condemned to depreciate by 6% per year.
We know since 2008 a situation where those who own shares or securities may lose all or part of their assets in a very short time .

Only investors who have taken the precaution of buying some diamonds can even move, taking with them some of their assets (Real Estate in Your Pocket).

  • It is a safe investment because there is formed over millions of years. Diamonds are unalterable.
  • The value of diamonds is not linked to currencies. It does not serve as a guarantee.
  • Only investment in extremely rare diamonds (Ex Ex Ex) can provide a comfortable income in France but is likely to generate a capital gain on investment.
  • Diamond is an investment that values ​​over time.
  • Since the early 1900s, the diamond is valued for one and a half to two times the rate of inflation over long periods .
For your information : The three major mining companies producing rough diamonds are DE BEERS (South Africa) , RIO TINTO (Australia , Canada) and ALROSA (Russia). They are in agreement that the rough diamond market was roughly in balance in 2010 with a production equivalent to about 135 million carats request.

As stated in its latest report, the consulting firm Bain & Company, the demand will grow twice as fast as the offer to reach 247 million carats in 2020 to face a range of 175 million carats. Global demand will grow by more than 6% per year until 2020. On the supply side, it is expected to grow by 2.8 % per year, which will lead to a state of "structural shortage" with consequent inevitable price increases.

World production is not sufficient to meet the growing appetite of China, India, the Gulf States and soonly of Brazil for gemstones and especially for diamond stones.

For Sergey Vybornov , President of the Russian company Alrosa, the reason is the booming demand in China and India (in China due to the rapid growth of the middle class and the number of millionaires, causing great enthusiasm for luxury goods). In these markets coupled with the strong demand growth in the U.S. ( representing 46% of world market), the Gulf , and in the coming years , to provide for the emerging countries of Latin America, including Brazil .

For example, the price of rough diamonds increased by 29 % in 2011 and that of polished diamonds is constantly rising sharply.

You are assured of a strong heritage
  • A commodity that is not priced on any market (priceless) that is completely divorced from volatility and manipulation, making it the true “safe haven” investment.
  • A formerly secret investment vehicle for hundreds of years. Once only reserved for royalty and aristocrats used to safely store and transfer wealth through generations.

Diamonds Supply / Demand
  • An extremely rare and finite natural resource that cannot be printed or reproduced. After it has been depleted it will be gone forever
  • Demand is outpacing supply especially with emergence of Chinese and Indian middle class and new millionaires (hard asset savvy)
  • Argyle Mine scheduled to close in 2018 / Ellendale Mine scheduled to close in 2014
  • Main stream acceptance aided by Financial Advisors / Wealth Managers / Diamond Brokers
  • Internationally established and recognized goods with an accepted global standard for grading and valuation

Portability / Durability of diamands

  • Most concentrated form of wealth in the world (Millions of dollars could be easily be concealed and transported to another country)
  • Entire portfolio can be stored in a piece of jewelry or safety deposit box
  • Diamonds are the hardest mineral in the world. They are billions of years old and formed under immense conditions
  • Absolutely breathtaking, will never dull and will always look as amazing as the first day you purchase it
  • Multi-Functioning asset that can be enjoyed as both a beautiful piece of jewelry and investment

Complete Privacy of your invest
  • Complete privacy of ownership with no bureaucratic/government agency oversight.
  • No reporting increases in value for tax purpose to IRS (U.S) /CRA (Canada) / ISF (France), etc.

Diamond has many advantages in terms of investments, inheritances and donations.
Diamond is negotiable worldwide.
The invesment diamond requires no management. It is usually placed in a safe.

Why invest in colored diamond?

Why invest in colored diamond?